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I can’t walk a mile in your shoes, but I can put mine on and walk beside you every step of the way along your healing journey…

Outdoor therapy is based on the idea that people can connect to, and are impacted by, the natural environment around them. This way of working can be a real treat for the senses and can be incredibly beneficial to both your mental and physical health. It can improve your mood, reduce feelings of stress and anger, provide space for you to think more clearly and allow you to make new connections with nature.

At a pace set by you, we can walk by a river, wander around a lake, amble through open fields or stroll under a woodland canopy. We can take in the fresh air, soak up the sights, smells and sounds of nature, as we work on overcoming your struggles.

Fees for walk and talk therapy are set at £40 per 50-minute session with concessionary rates available.

How May Covid 19 affect this way of working?

In the event of a further local or National lockdown, these sessions may need to be suspended. If this is the case, they could be transferred to online sessions via Zoom if you are in agreement. Once restrictions ease again, walks with members of other households may be allowed as before, in which case Walk and Talk sessions may still continue so long as social distancing is observed.

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